Help Anna

Anna Omelianenko

23 years old, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

The purpose: Bone marrow transplantation

October 2021

Anna was born in Kyrgyzstan, lived all her life in Bishkek with her parents and her beloved sister.

She was always very active. Physical education has always remained a favorite subject at school. In high school, she became interested in orienteering, tourism and after that she realized that she simply had to become a coach and develop a healthy lifestyle.

After school, she entered the Kyrgyz Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, also on a budget! The study was fascinating, the grades were excellent. The red diploma is the next step.

One day her world turned upside down, because she got to Rugby. In Kyrgyzstan, it was something new, unusual, you can also let off steam for a girl, not a sport, but a dream. Thanks to the contribution of the coaches, after a couple of months of training, she was able to perform at competitions and since then, happy training days have replaced themselves, leaving only joy and positivity. Anna was a participant (TOP 32) in the Asia Rugby Unstoppable project from Kyrgyzstan.

But in 2021, like a bolt from the blue, the verdict came down: Blood cancer.

Give up?! By no means, it’s the 21st century, if you tune in, you can cure everything!

The only difficulty is the country. Medicine is developed, but there are no advanced technologies. Clinics in Russia billed from 4 million and above, but there was not enough time. It was decided to be treated on the spot and in fact.

Fortunately, the athlete’s body is strong! Chemotherapy has borne fruit. Anya entered the first remission. She was stable, strong. She even let me go back to training.

It remained a small matter, to continue receiving chemotherapy for 2 years, to stay in remission for 5 years and, you are removed from the oncology register, and you are healthy!

She lasted a year…

January 2023

Relapse, 92% of bone marrow damage. An urgent post-remission course of chemotherapy was carried out, but practically gave no result…

Now the situation has changed, there is no way to do without a transplant. Otherwise, her life will go from relapse to relapse.

Such operations are not carried out in Kyrgyzstan: there are no specialists and equipment. The main difficulty: it is impossible to choose a donor and they do not do compatibility tests. The most affordable option is to fly to Russia. And the sooner the better. After all, even now she is on high-dose chemotherapy to go into remission again. And then the transplant will become more feasible.

Since she is a foreigner, the transplantation procedure is very expensive, and also increases due to the absence of a donor. All these expenses fall on the shoulders of the family, and they do not have such funds. At the moment, this is at least 4 million rubles (approximately 53,000 US dollars).

We are opening the collection in the hope that together we will help Anna cope with her illness and return home to her beloved family!

Where are you planning to treat Anna?

National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin in Moscow.
As soon as Anna is transportable and if the funds are collected, they will immediately be accepted for treatment.

Are there any supporting documents about the diagnosis and the course of treatment?

Yes, there are such documents. You can read them at the link.

Where can I track Anna’s story

Anna’s family has started an Instagram page. Anna posts her own photos and talks about the course of treatment. You can subscribe to it and chat with Anna by following the link

How can I help?

Transfer to the Visa card

From any country in the world
The transfer can be made from any country through the Paysend application or Visa Direct service.

Anna’s own Visa card number is 4169 5853 4966 1339.

In the details, you need to select a country (Kyrgyzstan), enter the card number and the first and last name of Anna Omelianenko.
Money is credited to the card within a few minutes.

For transfers in EURO €
For transfers in USD $

By bank transfer

Account: 7 A 8-8-USD-01-2 Optima Bank OJSC, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Omelianenko Anna Sergeevna
Bank account: 1808402099950004
Personal account. Number: 1092441740176765
Address: Bishkek, mkr 8, d. 30, sq. 44
Purpose of payment: Help Anna, for treatment
Personal number 1092441740176765
Kukmin Bank, Seoul, Korea

You can also help in the following ways

Make a repost of Anna’s post on Instagram, or share a link to this page.

Perhaps someone has direct contacts of medical institutions in other countries where Anna can be cured (perhaps even cheaper).

Provide the necessary medications for treatment. You can ask Anna directly for the name and quantity on Instagram.